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Destination: Deadwood

For those from the Dakotas or surrounding areas (Montana, Wyoming, etc.), you've probably heard about Deadwood, South Dakota. This tiny "old west" town oftentimes gets the stereotype as a mini-Las Vegas attached to it. Rightfully so, this gambling town has a deep-rooted history with the gaming industry. This hotspot for partygoers can get overlooked by a wide array of other travelers. Those who may not realize what they're missing out on can include families, thrill-seekers, history buffs, shopaholics, retirees, and more. If you find yourself in any of these categories, I recommend sticking around to see why Deadwood, SD needs to be the next destination you roam to! Families From the outside looking in, families may feel put off by Deadwood. I can admit, this is a fair perspective given the fact that gambling accounts for around $100 million of the city's revenue, but the reality is this: there is something for everyone  in Deadwood. Between the restaurant

~18 Hours in Boston

When you live "just wingin' it," you learn to not carry expectations. Having an 18 hour layover in Boston sounded like we (my two friends and I) would have ample time to explore the city. Arriving at shortly before midnight and in dire need for sleep, that 18 hours quickly moved down to >4. In the name of time efficiency, we decided to Uber our way to Boston's North Side. After checking out the Old North Church we continued our aimless stroll through the streets. Next we found ourselves in Rina's Pizzeria & Cafe. With food portions being quite generous, we were satisfied to say the least. I had a slice of the sausage, spinach, and squash pizza. It was definitely not a pizza I normally would have gotten, but when I travel I want full experience, so I took the chance! After tasting it all, I was forced to pick away the spinach...turns out I'm still not a fan of spinach. The pizza itself was fantastic though! Five dollars got me just one slice,

TRC's Top 5 from NOLA

5. The Travel MSP International Airport (October 28) For me, half of the fun of going places is the traveling itself. There's just something about airports that I absolutely love. The idea that you're getting on a plane and going somewhere just screams to my wanderlusting soul. I love sitting at the airport people watching just imagining the adventures we're all about to embark on. Planes taking off to all corners of the globe, loved ones embracing each other at the terminal after being away, and of course the always entertaining zombie-traveler fighting for a comfortable napping position in those everso spacious chairs. My partner in crime for the travels to New Orleans: my mother! My mom and I ready for the first leg of our trip! Next stop: Atlanta!  Now keep in mind, my mother does not do well on all. I like to think I'm a pretty good time to travel with, so I did my best to infect my laidback nature and good vibes

New Orleans: Charming, Crazy, and Just Plain Weird

Reflecting now on my trip to The Big Easy, I find myself somewhat at a loss of words to describe my experience...looks like I'll just have to wing it  for this entry... When I think about major cities in the United States, New Orleans is not one of the first that comes to mind, nor is it probably even in the top 10 (think New York, Los Angeles, Chicago). Choosing the most characteristic and unique  cities in America though and New Orleans is immediately at the top of my list (followed by perhaps San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia). Now these thoughts are strictly my own, and keep in mind I have not had the opportunity to really explore all of the towns listed above. From the outsider's perspective looking in, New Orleans to me always seemed like a one-of-a-kind city that no other in the States could compare to. After having experienced New Orleans for myself, I can confidently say that you'd be hard pressed to find another city quite like it in this world of ours. Cha

Route to NOLA: ATL Layover

Captain's log: 12:23 pm Currently functioning on 2 hours of sleep. Sitting at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport waiting for the final leg of our flight to New Orleans. Minneapolis to Atlanta was a smooth sailing flight. The Spirit Airlines staff was absolutely fantastic, and although the seats were pretty snug, as of now I would recommend them to anyone looking for a simple, low-cost airline. Nice flight with a friendly and accommodating crew. We ended up leaving my place around 10:00 pm last night due to good food and even better conversation. Sadly we didn't arrive to our hotel in Minneapolis until about three this morning. The party for this trip consists of my sister, her boyfriend, and my mother. My mom and I flew out this morning at 8:45 am and by some miracle we weren't late for our flight! The other two in the group were fortunate enough to book the wrong flight, and by doing so were able to sleep in as they didn't fly out until about noon. As