TRC's Top 5 from NOLA

5. The Travel

MSP International Airport (October 28)
For me, half of the fun of going places is the traveling itself. There's just something about airports that I absolutely love. The idea that you're getting on a plane and going somewhere just screams to my wanderlusting soul. I love sitting at the airport people watching just imagining the adventures we're all about to embark on. Planes taking off to all corners of the globe, loved ones embracing each other at the terminal after being away, and of course the always entertaining zombie-traveler fighting for a comfortable napping position in those everso spacious chairs. My partner in crime for the travels to New Orleans: my mother!
My mom and I ready for the first leg of our trip! Next stop: Atlanta!

 Now keep in mind, my mother does not do well on all. I like to think I'm a pretty good time to travel with, so I did my best to infect my laidback nature and good vibes to my mom, but it doesn't always quite do the trick...

First round was on Mom!

4. The Ambiance 

No matter how much you mentally prepare yourself for what a place is going to be like, it is never quite exactly what you thought it would be. That was just the case for myself and The Big Easy.

From the gorgeous architecture full of character and history, to the random music parties parading through the streets, the New Orleans vibe is laid back and easy going while maintaining excitement and even a sense of strangeness to it.

Mississippi River (October 29)
Jackson Square - French Quarter (October 29)

Hotel View (October)
French Quarter (October)
St. Louis Cemetery No.1 (October 31)

3. The Food

People. Words cannot describe how incredible the food in New Orleans is! The pictures can't do it justice! While I will do my best to showcase the food both ways, the only way you can get an idea for how amazing this food is would be to get your hungry self on a plane and try it for yourself! 

Now like I've said before, when I travel I like to submerse my tastebuds into whatever region I am in. Whether or not I think I'm going to like certain foods or not, I throw caution to the wind and try all I can. That was just the case in The Crescent City. (Note: Before this trip I would say I'm not much of a seafood guy...after the trip, completely different story.)

Blackened Chicken Po-Boy, Red Beans & Rice, Seafood Gumbo, Jumbalaya, Aligator Sausage, Chicken Gumbo, Fish Po-Boy (Gumbo Shop)
The Aftermath at Cafe du Monde (October) 
If I would have stayed any longer I easly would have gained 10 pounds. (Not pictured: my delicious crawfish omlette and the beignets from Cafe du Monde)

2. The Company

Life is always better when you have those you love with you to enjoy the journey. This trip wouldn't have been the same without my amazing mother, incredible sister and her travel-savvy boyfriend.

Night #1 in NOLA - Garden District (October 28)

On Bourbon Street! (October 28)

The Roaming Mom (Louisiana Bayou - October 30)
The Roaming Sis (October 28)
The Roaming Teacher (October 31)

1. The Wildlife

Albino Alligator (Airboat Adventures
To get the full Cajun experience, you must go out into the swamps of the Louisiana bayou right?! The air-boat ride was an absolute blast and our tour guide was fantastic. I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking...

Cemetery & Ancient Indian Burial Grounds (October 30)

Bob the Gator
Swamp Tree Covered by Spanish Moss

Now you might be wondering why I listed nature/wildlife as my #1 and let me tell you. As silly as it may seem, my one goal or wish perhaps in all of my time spent in Louisiana was to hold a baby alligator...

and I did. Everybody, meet Fluffy:

Always be sure to 

Wing it.