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Best Ramen in Warsaw

(1m 30s read) It's time to grow up, no more cheap instant noodles. We need to mature our culinary standards. Let me introduce you to the best place in Poland to enjoy the beloved Asian classic, ramen . Not even a 10-minute walk from Warsaw University of Technology, Arigator Ramen  Shop is turning high-quality ramen  into a science. With a delicious array of options to choose from, it's clear to see these kitchen technicians have mastered this famous Japanese dish. I must warn you: unless you know what you're looking for, you might walk right past this treasure . Don't let the size fool you though, this tiny  restaurant packs a flavorful punch! In my trips to Arigator , I have devoured the Tantanmen Classic enough to know it will forever be my go-to. The mildly  spicy pork broth is unlike anything I've ever had. The Shoya  mushroom is also delicious, and its kakuni  pork belly will melt in your mouth. Served in a neat  Japanese-style kettle, I'd recommend drin


(44 s read) Looking for a modern , intimate place to grab a drink in Warsaw ? Szprycer , located right on Nowy ┼Üwiat ,  might be the spot for you. Not even a two-minute walk from Warsaw's very  own palm tree, this quaint little bar features a full menu of cocktails , with an emphasis on spritzers of course. J├Ągermeister fans, this may also be a place you'll want to check out. I had my first-ever J├Ąger  Sour here and I must say, delicious . Whether you want a small, trendy place to take your date before dinner or a chill place to relax with some friends, this clean and cozy lounge is perfect. Appetite can't wait for your dinner reservation? Szprycer  even has you covered with "nachos" (tortilla chips and dip). My thoughts: I'm not a fan of huge , loud bars. I tend to opt for more laid-back, comfortable environments and Szprycer  had this. In addition to my J├Ąger Sour, I sampled the Aperol Spritz & Hibiscus Szprycer , both enjoyable. The prices were

Worst Airports to Sleep At

(2m 59s read) Nothing is worse than missing a flight...unless it's having a flight delayed, or worse yet, canceled . When that happens, most people find themselves scrounging around for a last-minute hotel reservation in hopes they can salvage their sanity. Nothing like a comfy hotel bed and a nice hot shower to make up for a stressful travel hiccup, right? Well, not me. By now you should know if it involves an added expense, count me out. I'm not sure how many airports I've slept in, but I can tell you: The Worst Airports to Sleep At Disclaimer: Each of these experiences was unique to my particular situation, and I understand others have fared much better. 3. Stockholm Arlanda Airport Years ago, I took my first trip to Europe. Growing up in North Dakota and having traveled only  to the exotic country of Canada prior, I was 100% out of my element. I didn't know public transportation, I was unfamiliar with airports in general, and don't get me started on English no

Best Airports to Sleep At

When you've been on the road traveling, oftentimes you reach a point where you would give anything to sleep in your own bed again. Let's be honest: nothing can compare to a peaceful night at home with your fan on low, favorite pillow under head, and that go-to snuggie wrapping you up. If this sounds all too romanticized, then you haven't spent enough time away from home. As a budget traveler, I have extended my stay at airports for the sake of not spending money on hotel accommodations.  What I've earned from those experiences, aside from saving some cash, is that I have a personal record of airports I could call home and others that are worth paying money to not sleep at. For this installment, here are the best airports I've ever slept at: 1. Denver International Airport If you have a ticket from a certain airport enough, you start to remember the layout more and more. For someone like me with such a bad memory, DEN has become the major airport I am most familiar