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Looking for a modern, intimate place to grab a drink in Warsaw? Szprycer, located right on Nowy Świat, might be the spot for you. Not even a two-minute walk from Warsaw's very own palm tree, this quaint little bar features a full menu of cocktails, with an emphasis on spritzers of course.

Jägermeister fans, this may also be a place you'll want to check out. I had my first-ever Jäger Sour here and I must say, delicious.

Whether you want a small, trendy place to take your date before dinner or a chill place to relax with some friends, this clean and cozy lounge is perfect.

Appetite can't wait for your dinner reservation? Szprycer even has you covered with "nachos" (tortilla chips and dip).

My thoughts: I'm not a fan of huge, loud bars. I tend to opt for more laid-back, comfortable environments and Szprycer had this. In addition to my Jäger Sour, I sampled the Aperol Spritz & Hibiscus Szprycer, both enjoyable. The prices were good. Drinks were between 16-30pln or $4-8 USD. I can see myself returning to explore the rest of Szprycer's offerings.