New Orleans: Charming, Crazy, and Just Plain Weird

Reflecting now on my trip to The Big Easy, I find myself somewhat at a loss of words to describe my experience...looks like I'll just have to wing it for this entry...

When I think about major cities in the United States, New Orleans is not one of the first that comes to mind, nor is it probably even in the top 10 (think New York, Los Angeles, Chicago). Choosing the most characteristic and unique cities in America though and New Orleans is immediately at the top of my list (followed by perhaps San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia). Now these thoughts are strictly my own, and keep in mind I have not had the opportunity to really explore all of the towns listed above. From the outsider's perspective looking in, New Orleans to me always seemed like a one-of-a-kind city that no other in the States could compare to. After having experienced New Orleans for myself, I can confidently say that you'd be hard pressed to find another city quite like it in this world of ours. Character and history, unique cuisine and customs, music and religion, hospitality and architecture, this city is something all it's own.

Check back next time for highlights from my trip!
Always remember to...

Wing it.