Route to NOLA: ATL Layover

Captain's log:
12:23 pm

Currently functioning on 2 hours of sleep. Sitting at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport waiting for the final leg of our flight to New Orleans. Minneapolis to Atlanta was a smooth sailing flight. The Spirit Airlines staff was absolutely fantastic, and although the seats were pretty snug, as of now I would recommend them to anyone looking for a simple, low-cost airline. Nice flight with a friendly and accommodating crew. We ended up leaving my place around 10:00 pm last night due to good food and even better conversation. Sadly we didn't arrive to our hotel in Minneapolis until about three this morning. The party for this trip consists of my sister, her boyfriend, and my mother. My mom and I flew out this morning at 8:45 am and by some miracle we weren't late for our flight! The other two in the group were fortunate enough to book the wrong flight, and by doing so were able to sleep in as they didn't fly out until about noon. As I had thought, flying with my mother, who is terrified of flying, has been an absolute blast (even if we are zombies right now).

Next stop: New Orleans.

Wing it.