Top 5 States I Haven't Been to...Yet

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As a travel enthusiast, I'm always ready to explore new destinations. While I've been lucky enough to visit many amazing places, I've only crossed about half the states in the U.S. off my list. There's still plenty of states to visit, but for right now here are my top 5 states I haven't visited...yet:

5. Maine: When I think of Maine, I picture three things: sand, seagulls, and lighthouses. I would really like to validate this mental picture of mine in person. Geography has always intrigued me ever since I could remember. Being able to travel to places that are geographically significant has always been a highlight for me. What makes Maine so compelling is it proximity to Canada on three sides, and it being the relatively isolated tail of the continental United States.

4. Vermont: With its stunning fall foliage, charming small towns, and covered bridges, Vermont gives me the vibe of a place where life moves a little slower. If that doesn't sell you on, I've got two other words for you: maple syrup. 

3. Pennsylvania: As a fan of The Office, I've always wanted to visit The Electric City. Beyond that, Philadelphia has got to be a top 3 city for history nerds like myself so who needs any more of a reason to go?

2. Washington: Whether it be the trees, coastline, or overall dreariness of the Evergreen State, I have always been captivated with experiencing the unique ambiance Washington teases me with. While I want to experience a rainy day in Seattle, I'm particularly enticed to explore the Olympic Peninsula, specifically the town of Forks, made famous by the Twilight series. Laugh if you will but TV tourism can't escape even me!

1. Alaska: The Last Frontier is probably at the top of my US travel wishlist. There are endless outdoor adventures to be had in Alaska. Its shear size and vast wilderness are enough for any adventure-seeker to gravitate to. Perhaps my biggest reason for wanting to go to Alaska would be to drive my dream road trip to Prudhoe Bay, which is the northernmost point you can drive to in North America. Polar Plunge in the Arctic Ocean anyone?!

There's no telling when I'll have the opportunity to get chased by seagulls on the beaches of Maine or follow in the footsteps of Michael Scott, but I am looking forward to visiting each of these states. Whether I'm washing the syrup off my hands in Vermont or jumping into sub-freezing waters in Alaska, I'm sure I'll have a story to share.

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