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Worst State for a Zombie Apocalypse

(2m 18s read) T he Walking Dead, Zombieland,  I Am Legend, World War Z. For whatever reason, people are fascinated with zombies, and given recent world events, I believe we need to discuss what matters most: where are the best and worst places to be to survive a zombie apocalypse. This post will be all about where you don't want to be during the zombie takeover. Apologies to my international friends. This installment of 'What if,' is going to focus specifically on the United States, but fear not! If you're interested in finding out what country is the best to be in during the apocalypse, that's already compiled in a two-part story you can find here & here . Now, let's dig into it. W hen I first considered this situation, I thought of California, Florida, Hawaii, & New York as being easy choices. These states have a lot of people and big metropolitan areas. Then I put some more thought into it and realized the answer may not be so s

What if the U.S. was Invaded?!

(2m 30s read) Over the past two years, I have found myself saying, "There's no way that would ever happen," more times than I can count. Much to my dismay, a majority of these instances have in fact become part of our world's reality. Most of the inspiration for this "What If" post came from the movie Red Dawn. In the original Red Dawn from 1984, the United States is invaded by the Soviet Union, Nicaragua, and Cuba. In the 2012 remake, which is better than the original, the U.S. is invaded by North Korea (although it was  supposed to be China ). Watching this movie, my imagination was running on all cylinders, and with everything that has been going on in the world in recent memory, I thought this "What If" was well overdue. *Reminder: This is a completely hypothetical what-if scenario that I've come up with solely for the purpose of entertainment.* First, we'll start with the 5 W's + 1H (Who, What, When, Where, How, Why): Who Would Inv

Safest Country to Be During a Zombie Apocalypse (Pt. II)

In Part I of What if...Safest Country to Be During a Zombie Apocalypse, we examined five categories worth considering in order to survive. Here in part two, we'll take a look at my own notes & evaluate total scores in order to declare the... Safest Country to Be During a Zombie Apocalypse F) Other considerations - Australia ...What helps this country is that it is isolated. Handle the zombies in Australia, handle the zombies on an entire self-contained continent. Once the initial zombie population is either eliminated, killed, or contained (round 'em up and fence them off in the Outback!) there should be no concerns for future waves. Being in the middle of the pack with their crime rate, we could assume there would be some degree of unnecessary loss of life, but nothing catastrophic. Australia has the resources required to appropriately sustain a food source and with there being 14-15 guns per 100 citizens, protection would adequate. Australia's shear size mixed with i

Safest Country to Be During a Zombie Apocalypse (Pt. I)

For the next two installments of What if , we are going to take a page from the Walking Dead. What if a Zombie Apocalypse broke out? In order to objectively pick the best country to be in to survive a zombie apocalypse, we've got to consider certain things. In part one, we will be looking at population density, geographic size, gun ownership rate, agricultural capabilities, and crime rate. For part two we'll examine my own things to consider. Points will be distributed amongst the six categories. The country with the lowest overall score will take the title as... Safest Country to Be During a Zombie Apocalypse The countries in this list are my top ten choices. While not all countries made the top ten for each category when compared with the rest of the countries of the world, this is the list I composed upon my research. If you disagree, comment down below at the end! A) population density -  This has been prioritized as the   most important factor when considering the surviv