Best State for a Zombie Apocalypse

(1m 45s read) With all the hype surrounding The Last of Us, it's important to start considering our survival options in case of a zombie apocalypse. While big cities and crowded areas might not be the best place to be when the dead start walking, there are plenty of other places that could give you a fighting chance. We've considered some key factors that could make or break your chances of survival, and come up with a list of states that might surprise you. These often overlooked states could be just the ticket for those who want to avoid the chaos of bigger cities and crowds.

Whether it's through movies, TV shows, or books, we've all been fascinated by the idea of surviving a zombie apocalypse. But how do we ensure our survival in the face of the undead? In this article, we've evaluated some crucial factors like population density, agriculture, and gun ownership to bring you a list of states that could give you a fighting chance. So, if you're looking for the best states to be in when the zombies come, keep reading.

Without further ado, here are the 5 Best States to be in during a Zombie Apocalypse.

South Dakota - Chances are, if you've heard of one of the Dakotas, it's this one. Why? Two words: Mount Rushmore. But did you know that South Dakota also has one of the lowest population densities in the country (46)? It also ranks relatively high in gun ownership (17) and cropland (25), making it a good place to be when the zombies come knocking.

Wyoming - The Equality State boasts the lowest population density in the United States (50), which should come in handy when the dead start walking. Wyoming also ranks 13th in gun ownership and 29th in cropland, so chances are if you find yourself in a standoff with a zombie here it will be anything other than an equal fight.

North Dakota - With its wide-open spaces and small population, North Dakota is another great place to be during a zombie apocalypse. It's also home to a number of military installations, which could provide valuable resources and expertise in fortifying your defenses against the undead. North Dakota ranks 18th in gun ownership and 23rd in cropland, making it a solid choice for survival.

Montana - With the fourth-lowest population density in the country (47), Montana provides plenty of wide-open spaces that make it easier to avoid the zombie hordes. It ranks 14th in gun ownership and 26th in cropland, offering ample access to both weapons and food.

Alaska - The Last Frontier has the lowest population density in the United States (50) and plenty of unspoiled wilderness to hide in. Alaska also ranks third in gun ownership and 27th in cropland, making it the best state to be in during a zombie apocalypse.

There you have it! The five best states to be in during a zombie apocalypse. Remember, when the zombies come, you'll want to be in a place with plenty of space, access to food and supplies, and plenty of firepower. Stay safe out there!

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