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What if...You Could Only Visit 3 Countries for the Rest of Your Life?

Before we begin the first installment of "What If...," shout out to YouTuber & world traveler  Drew Binsky  for today's idea. A while back, Drew posted this very same question on his Instagram and of course I took a long, hard look into this hypothetical situation.  What if I could only visit three countries for the rest of my life... I actually decided to go with 1 country I've already spent some time in and 2 that I have not yet been to.  I could've played it safe and chose my 3 favorite countries that I've already had some experiences in, but honestly where is the fun in that? I could  have chosen 3 brand new countries that I've never been to, but that's a bit too risky when we're talking about only have these three for the rest of my life . Going with two brand new countries to me seems like the best choice because a) if one is just unbearable for me, I've got another, b) what are the odds both  of my choices would turn out to be disapp


 Introducing a brand new series dedicated to the hypothetical!  What If...  will cover a broad spectrum of hypothetical, travel-related scenarios and how I would handle them.  From zombies to no cash, I'm going to explain my rationale behind various situations and what I would do! I hope you'll keep an eye out for these What If...  articles in the future and encourage you all to reach out to me with your own scenarios you'd like to see me discuss! *TEASER* The first scenario will be scariest to you free-spirits out there: limited travel options 😱 Stay tuned 👋