The Roaming Colt 3.0?

    I think we're on our third attempt or so of garnering up some consistency with this whole Roaming Colt thing. Can I promise we won't see a 4.0 or a 5.0? No, but what I can promise is that 3.0 will be...worth the wait, I don't know. Boy I'm convincing you to stick around aren't I? Well, let's see, where do we begin? Probably from where we left off...

    Last time you heard from this site was over three years ago. fitting for this to be TRC3.0. Anyway, three years ago it appears I attempted to transition this site into the website + a YouTube channel. Looking back on it all, I do wish I could have dedicated myself fully to that double-dose of travel storytelling, but the reality of it was, I think at that time, I had bitten off more than I could chew. Now unfortunately I cannot say I'm back in full force and ready to roll with the website & the YouTube channel again, but I would like to get back to do these things I'm passionate about. 

    Unfortunately, I can't tell you what specifically made me return to building, but after the work I've already done to revive it from it's internet grave, I can say that it has already been quite therapeutic for me. I had to #1 see if I still had my account information, #2 figure out how to reacquire my domain name, #3 relearn how to build/format/design a website, #4 give the page a new-fresh look (for 3.0 of course), and #5 start writing again.

    With all that's gone on over the past three years I'm sure we'll have a lot to catch up on. I find it a bit funny how now that the world is opening back up again and everyone will start becoming busier and busier as life intends, now I've decided to dedicate some of my valuable time back into this website. Could I or should I have restarted all of this during quarantine? Yes I absolutely probably should have, but where's the fun in that?

    Either way, The Roaming Colt is making a (another) comeback and I hope you all (re)join me for the adventures.