The Return

Hey everybody! After spending some time away from this site and going through yet another one of life's lovely transition periods, I'm happy to announce The Roaming Colt is back! The beautiful thing about life is that we have no control and really no idea when something is going to change. Where we seem to fall is how we respond to these instances. I will be the first to admit, finding a happy medium or equilibrium for life is something I struggle with constantly. It's difficult to adapt and change to your environment or surroundings at times because when you've found a certain level of happiness we tend to instinctively grasp on to whatever it was that produced that happiness. The downfall here is that it may be something that no longer fits where we're at in our lives.

This has very much been the case since my last entry to The Roaming Colt. A lot has changed since this winter, and I'm finally catching up with the changes, That being said, the result you will see on this site is one of which a rebirth has occurred. No longer am I turning tips into trips, but rather in the process of establishing a more consistent and reliable life for myself here stateside. The Roaming Colt will still live to be, but now in a new light. At the inception of this webpage my goal was to post my articles in real time as I was exploring. The truth behind this reality was that I was sacrificing my experiences in order to document the moments as I was tying to have them. Now I will look to more consistently post content perhaps not immediately as they are happening, but yet continue updating this page with all things travel, adventure, and life related.

So. If you're still with me at this point, I would just like to say thank you for sticking around. For myself, well...I guess for awhile there I had forgotten how to...

Just wing it.

- C