UPDATE: Headed North!!!

Hey fellow travelers! It has been a busy few days to say the least! Lots of trips being planned and flights being booked..let's start with the soonest bit...big news coming from The Roaming Colt:

One month from now I will be heading to Reykjavik, Iceland for a fun, wintry birthday weekend! Why Iceland you might ask? There are actually a couple of reasons why I'll be headed further north for the winter. Now the way I attempt to travel is very spontaneous. I don't decide where I want to go, but rather when I can just go! This way I am not limiting myself to specific destinations where travel prices might be higher than other locations. When I know I can take a trip I then just look to see what countries are inexpensive at that time. Although I was pursuing an adventure in Peru to visit Machu Picchu, this time it is Iceland instead! Lucky for me it just so happens to be during my birthday too, so that is yet another fun aspect to this particular trip.

Accompanying me on this trip will be my best friend and a new friend of mine who also works at the pizza place I do. My best friend and I are very similar in that we really do just go-with-the-flow, so when I asked if he wanted to take a trip he was naturally down for whatever. We ran by a few destinations and decided Iceland would be the place to go. This new friend of mine whom I work with is like many people I've talked to regarding travel lately. He's anxious, eager, and motivated to travel but just doesn't know how to. I love interacting with people like this because just a few short months ago I was in their shoes! Now by no means am I a travel expert. I just took that hesitancy and threw it out the window. I'm definitely learning as I go, but the big thing here is that at least I.Am.Going. That's all that matters right? You've got to just commit to it and go do it, so this will be a great trip nonetheless because we will be getting his feet wet in the travel game and hopefully achieving the greatest thing by adding a new world traveler to our community!

As of now the only thing we know is when we'll be flying out! As far as places to stay and things to do, you better believe we'll just wing it! If you have any recommendations feel free to comment below, be sure to keep up with all things travel here on The Roaming Colt, and never forget to..