Need for Speed: Polish Pursuit

(1m 19s read) If you're a car enthusiast looking for a rush of adrenaline or the opportunity to enjoy some automotive masterpieces, you want to check out the Warsaw Night Racing scene. This underground street car racing event takes place in the heart of Poland's capital city. It attracts cars & people from all over the world.

Warsaw Night Racing typically begins with meet-ups in public spaces such as shopping center parking lots where participants show off their vehicles, discuss the upcoming races, and enjoy each other's company. The actual racing take place across the city, and while the legality of the event is not fully understood, a visible police presence seems to be courteous to the racers.

One thing that sets Warsaw Night Racing apart from other street car racing events is the variety of cars involved. From high-end European sports cars to classic American-muscle cars, there's something for everyone at this event.

It was refreshing to see a good old Dodge Challenger, but my favorite cars turned out to be... 

the tiny little communist-era cars. For some reason, these Power Wheels-sized vehicles stole my heart. 

The most surprising vehicle? 1980s Chevy S10 pickup!

If you're thinking of attending Warsaw Night Racing, keep in mind that safety should always be your top priority. The event does attract the attention of the police as street racing is not legal, so it's best to let your common sense guide you. For those who are passionate about cars and racing though, this event is an experience not to be missed.


Warsaw Night Racing is a fun and unusual event if you want to mix it up a bit on your next night out. With a variety of local & international drivers, a diversity of cars, and the beautiful city of Warsaw as the backdrop, it's easy to see why this event has become a must-see for car enthusiasts from around the world.


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