Nature Head

 I'll be the first to say, I hate spending money. It doesn't matter what it's for. I just simply do not like spending money. At this point in life though, I've accepted that living costs money, and sometimes you need to enjoy that as much as you can because again, you can't avoid it.

If I can spend money on something I enjoy, it promotes some good in the world, and it can help out others, I'm much more willing to purchase said products/services. 

Today's Deals! touches on a company that does a little bit of all that. I enjoy their apparel, the company has a good mission, and by purchasing from them you in turn help me!

Nature Head is an apparel company that resonates so much with me, my passions, and this website,  so I thought it might be nice share them with you. Nature Head offers clothing for the adventurer. The exploring spirit can rock their gear when they're outside traveling the world.

"Nature Head was created not only to inspire everyone else to get out and explore but it was also meant to inspire myself. I found myself trapped in this cycle every day and letting work consume me. I’ve always had that love for nature but I stopped taking the time to get out and enjoy it."  

Nature Head Team

In addition to having some seriously dope designs, Nature Head is partnered with an organization called 1% for the Planet. What this is is a network of businesses that pledge 1% of their sales to conserve our nature. Now I'll be honest, 1% sounded like nothing to me, but overall that has amounted to $175,000,000 for our environment!

Now for the Deals! part of this. While I believe their products are already fairly priced, if you're not sold on them, let me give YOU 15% off your purchase! Just use my code Colt15 at checkout and not only will you save money, but I'll even get a little sliver of that sale. If you'd rather be cool and use a QR code, here you go!

Whether you purchase something from them or not, take a look at their site and comment down below what your favorite item they had was!