Who the Heck is Scott?

...and why should I sign up for his emails?

    I've mentioned this before and I'll mention it again. I have a tendency to provide transparent information on this site because I am just so passionate about travelling and exploring our world that I want others to have this access and knowledge too. That's why I name drop from time to time. If that results in people leaving my site to utilize others, that's fine with me. In the end, the more travellers the better!

    When I discovered Skyscanner, I wasn't sure if I'd ever go back to KAYAK again. When Google Flights improved so much, I started using them as my go-to stop for flight deals. Then, I once got a deal so good through KIWI I questioned how I hadn't utilized that site sooner. After years of experience booking flights and hours upon hours of searching for the best deals, I've come to realize that there isn't just any one site you should exclusively use. You should use them all. Like a tool in your tool box, there are numerous pages out there that can help you find exactly what you're looking for and today, I'd like to share with you just another website you can add to your tool box:

    I first heard about Scott's Cheap Flights a few years ago when I was still pretty unseasoned to the wide world of deal hunting. To be completely honest with you, I thought Scott's Cheap Flights was a complete scam. The site didn't look "official" to my untrained eyes and it constantly was asking for you to sign up, sign up, sign up. For me, it was very overwhelming and I was immediately put off by it. The premise of Scott's Cheap Flights is this: you give them your email, let them know how and where you'd like to travel to/from and they'll send you crazy flight deals any time they think they've got something that matches your preferences. Naively, all I heard was, SPAM.

    Sometime since back then and now though, I signed up for email notifications and found out that the deals truly are mind-blowing at times. What Scott's Cheap Flights sends is, in fact, NOT spam! The team over at SCOTT'S dedicates their time to doing what I've spent countless hours doing: scouring the web for the very best flight deals. If you're at all curious at just how good of deals they can find are, I recommend signing up. You'll enter your email, answer a couple of questions regarding how you like to travel and where you prefer to fly from, and they take care of the rest!

    It is free to sign up with SCOTT'S, but you do have two additional paid subscription packages you may utilize depending on your preferences. I'm currently rolling on the free subscription, but have been eyeballing their middle-tier membership which sits at a very reasonable $49/year. I'm curious to know, have you used Scott's Cheap Flights before? Have I persuaded you to give it shot? Let me know in the comment section below!