If you're from North Dakota or Colorado, I've got trips for YOU!

 As I am very much from the Midwest/Great Plains region of the United States, I feel like it is only right that for my first Deals! article since TRC3.0, I focus on a couple of great travel deals for my neighbors. Let's take a look at where us good ol plain folk are headed:

  • NORTH DAKOTANS: Getting fed up with the 9-5 and looking to blow off some steam? Overinvest in AMC or Doge and looking to recoup some real cold, hard cash? Wanting to just get out and play? If you said yes to any of those three questions (and even if you didn't), then I have two words for you.
Thanks to kayak.com, you are leaving tomorrow night, Thursday, June 17th, for a 3-day getaway in the deserts of Nevada! Departing from Bismarck, ND (BIS) at 10:27PM, you will hop on Allegiant's service and arrive to Sin City at 11:10PM local time. Las Vegas is notorious for having budget-friendly room rates, so finding the perfect place to "get away" from it all is just a quick search away. Don't get too carried away though, as you will sadly have to return to that 9-5 come Monday morning. Don't worry though! Your flight home leaves Sunday night, June 20th at 5:44PM with wheels hitting the Peace Garden State around 10:15PM local time.
Cost: $295.97
  • MILE HIGHERS: I get it, "Colorado's awesome man. Why would I ever leave?" While that may be true (in all honesty, I thoroughly enjoy Colorado), it doesn't hurt to broaden your horizons right? Take a step back from all that nature and let's take a trip to...some more nature.
Thanks again to kayak.com, we found a very wallet-friendly deal for your adventure to the Pacific Northwest! You've got a little more time to plan for this trip than those Dakotans up north, but I recommend booking sooner rather than later as those North Dakotans don't mind driving half a day to snag a good flight deal to Washington. You'll leave Friday, June 25th at 9:50 via Frontier flight F9 145. After a three hour flight, you'll arrive to Seattle around midnight local time so find a bed quick! Don't fear waking up bright and early Saturday morning though! I hear Seattle has some good coffee or something? Anyway, make the most of this quick weekend trip. Your flight back across the Rockies is just before 1:00AM Sunday morning. Did I mention how you'll want to drink some coffee? You can recover essentially all day Sunday since you'll get back home prior to 5:00AM. (Hey, still enough time to tackle a 14er before work Monday morning right?)
Cost: $127.98