Minneapolis to London in December for ~$440!

Thanksgiving concludes. You've eaten your weight in turkey and pumpkin pie and in your food-coma daze you think to yourself "wouldn't it be great to break up the holidays with a little trip before the Christmas craziness rolls around?" Don't waste all of your precious time navigating the internet for the best deals. We've got a good one for you here.

When speaking to prospective travelers about going abroad, I've come across a certain response quite frequently:

"I don't speak another language."

It is true, this can be a frightening obstacle for some, but that's why this trip is so excellent: no language barrier!

Between WOW Air and United Airlines, you can go from Minnesota to England...for under $500! That's right, no language barrier!

Now, as stated in previous articles, these prices are always subject to change and the price mentioned here is with very limited luggage (i.e. wear layers).

Your week-long trip across the Atlantic starts on Monday, December 11th. You'll wake up bright and early and head from Minneapolis at 6:30 AM for the first leg of the journey. Landing in Chicago around 8:00 AM, you'll have the morning and afternoon to check out all the Windy City has to offer.

Taking off from Chicago at 4:50 PM, you'll pop over to Iceland with a brief layover before landing in London early Tuesday morning.

Now you have over six full days to explore the sights, sounds, and of course foods of London. Never having been to the United Kingdom, this trip is definitely on the list. It is also a very friendly Europe trip for those seeking a low-stress destination. English is the primary language, so the "fear" of a language barrier is obsolete. Enjoy a nice cup of tea, get your picture taken a red phone booth, make some new friends, get uncomfortable! The fun and excitement of travel is yours!

The beauty of your return trip is that it only technically takes a single day. Sleep in a bit as you'll be leaving from London at 10:35 AM and arriving back to Minneapolis just 12 short hours later...again, technically. Between 11.5 hours in the air and 6.5 hours of layovers, the trip itself is gracious of the time-change on the return back to the States.

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