3 International Travel Destinations for UNDER $500

Do I like spending money? Absolutely not.
Do I like to travel? Without a doubt, YES.

If you find yourself with similar answers as these, boy do I have a surprise for you!

While others may spend time surfing the web doing some online shopping at their favorite stores, I prefer scouring the internet looking for possible trips to take. Lucky for you, I've found some very appealing possibilities for you.

While I am excited to share with you these fiscally feasible travel plans, I must include my disclaimer:
1. I am not a paid endorser for any of the following airlines to be mentioned.
2. Flights are for pre-set dates; altering days or times may switch availability.
3. These prices are always subject to change.
4. Most importantly, TRC likes to spend the bare minimum when it comes to travel expenses, so many of these flights are the most basic, lowest-class fares. (Most important when considering luggage fees.)

Now that we've set your standards to this cheapskate's level, let us begin!


"Well that's not international!" - American TRC Reader
Now not so fast. Yes, our title did say "International," so I will hold true to that, and here's why..

Your Hawaiian vacation starts off Sunday, December 10th in Winnipeg, Manitoba bright and early where you will depart for Honolulu with brief stops in Minneapolis, MN & Salt Lake City, UT.
Arrive in Honolulu later that afternoon and enjoy a full week on the warm, sandy beaches completely forgetting that back home is under 3 feet of snow and probably colder than the North Pole.

After soaking up the sun out in the Pacific, your journey home begins Sunday the 17th with an afternoon flight back to the great white north, but not without a quick stop in Los Angeles & a layover in Minneapolis. Get back to Winnipeg Monday, December 18th right in time for brunch.

Travel Dates: 12/10-12/17
Destinations: (Start) Winnipeg, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Honolulu (!), Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Winnipeg (End)
Travel costs: DELTA YWG to HNL = ~$365
TOTAL COST: ~$365!!!


The beauty of a budget-focused trip means you find yourself in destinations you wouldn't have otherwise chosen! This is exactly the case with option number two. The land of Sprouts & Waffles has so much unique culture, rich history, and beautiful sights no one should underestimate this destination.

Our journey begins the morning of Sunday, December 10th as we depart from Minneapolis, MN. With a nice nine hour pit stop in Chicago, there's plenty of time to check out the sites (Sears Tower anyone!?). After a brief layover in Iceland, arrive in Brussels the next day just in time for a delicious lunch.

Just as trip number one provided, fellow Roamers will enjoy a full week of freedom. You'll head home the same route you took to Brussels, but this time you'll only spend one day travelling, technically (time changes get you back to Minneapolis just before 11:00 PM Monday night).

Travel Dates: 12/10-12/18
Destinations: (Start) Minneapolis, Chicago, Reykjavik, Brussels (!), Reykjavik, Chicago, Minneapolis (End)
Travel costs: United Airlines MSP to ORD = ~$79 WOW Air ORD to BRU = ~$380
TOTAL COST: ~$459!!!

Your winter wonderland awaits you with this wallet-friendly trip to Stockholm! Perhaps it's just me, but Sweden has this very magical and enchanting presence about it. Having the opportunity to take in the beauty that is winter in this country would be a treat for anyone willing to experience it.

Your sleigh ride leaves Minneapolis in the early evening on Friday, December 8th with a short breather in Chicago before your layover in Baltimore. Now you have about a day in Baltimore before heading to Stockholm (via Reykjavik), so my advice would be to head over to our nation's capitol and check out the historic sites of D.C. The flight departs at 6:05 PM on Saturday the 9th, and you will arrive in Sweden around 11:00 AM local time on Sunday.

Take in the sights, enjoy the majesty of mother nature's beauty, explore the streets of Stockholm's Old Town, or do all three! You'll have eight days to have your own unique Swedish experience. Sadly though, you'll have to return home. Plane takes off at 11:25 AM on the 18th and you won't want to miss it! After layovers in Iceland, Maryland, and Georgia, you'll be back to the Land of 10,000 Lakes Tuesday afternoon.

Travel Dates: 12/8-12/19
Destinations: (Start) Minneapolis, Chicago, Baltimore, Reykjavik, Stockholm (!), Reykjavik, Baltimore, Atlanta, Minneapolis (End)
Travel costs: Spirit Airlines MSP to BWI = ~$139 WOW Air BWI to ARN = ~$344
TOTAL COST: ~$483!!!

All in all, if you're sitting at home, in the dorm, or just passing the time on your phone and you think your next great international trip is far off course from you, think again! Three amazing trip ideas for less than $500 in travel expenses. Just goes to show you how far your money can really stretch you if you....

Just wing it.

P.S. If you are interested in any of these trips/flights and would like more information, advice, or assistance, feel free to give The Roaming Colt a shout whether on here or social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram)