Relaxed and Ready to Go! (Iceland Day 1)

If memory serves me right, which it rarely does, after spending our time at the Blue Lagoon we headed for Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland, where we would be staying for the duration of our trip. As I sit here on the plane headed for home, my reflections on the trip are far more blurred than they should be. Thinking back on our events it's as if the trip occurred years ago, so bear with my lack of memory on this.

I'd like to say after the Blue Lagoon we were again hungry (go figure) so we found a little pub and, like the Americans we are, ordered some burgers. I'm not quite sure what the sauce was they put on it, but it was delicious. They also accompany their salt shakers with a type of season salt in a shaker as well. Our server explained to us that this is quite common in Iceland and that they always put it on their fries. I tried it, liked it, and used it every chance I got. The reality of how expensive Iceland is certainly hit us at this point as our simple bacon cheese burger...with an egg on it, fries, and (free) water totaled around $18. Not to say this place was expensive itself, but rather the country as a whole. Very important aspect to consider when looking to travel to the country.

After devouring our food we did what any group of guys would do...we went to the mall. There we really got to experience just how expensive Iceland really is. Once we had had enough of strolling around, we checked in to our hostel and crashed out for the night...not part of the plan, but I guess our lack of energy caught up with us. Either way, we were just trying to..

Wing it