Icelanday 1

After roaming the streets of Boston, we found ourselves back on track and headed for Iceland. We arrived just before 5:00 AM local time and were filled with excitement and maybe a slight sense of accomplishment. Just by chance I happened to book this trip over my birthday, so day one definitely made for a memorable 24th birthday.

I find it funny how turning 24 in the States means you're finally old enough to rent a car, but naturally I'd be renting my first car in a foreign country. After giving our Hyundai Tucson a thorough once over (and declining the rental insurance), we were on our way. Humorous enough, it was quite nice getting out into the open air...Keflavík was ~35 degrees warming than home! It was dark, it was windy, but we were there.

First stop: The Blue Lagoon.

Just wing it.