4 Things You Need on Your Next Trip

Ask anyone that knows me and there's a decent chance they'll tell you I am a forgetful person. My memory is not something that works to my advantage. Anytime I'm going somewhere, whether it be across the country/globe for my next big adventure or even just across town to run some errands, I always seem to forget at least one thing I needed to bring along. It never fails. This tendency to leave things behind is especially troublesome when traveling long distances.
Whenever I go on a long trip, there are always a few things I must make sure I have with me. You better believe I'll forget my toothbrush or glasses, but I will always have these four items with me:

1. Neck pillow - Okay before you judge me too much, just hear me out. I too would laugh at those travelers with the "tourist collar" around their necks as they trudged through the terminals, but like the old saying goes, don't knock it 'till you try it. Like my giraffe and brontosaurus friends of the animal kingdom, I have a slightly longer neck which means those long haul flights can be a strain when it comes to sleep. Even when you're not on the plane, neck pillows come in handy during those layovers in the airports as well! For me, it's just an added convenience that you can bring with you.
My advice: Bring it along, just don't wear it until you're USING it.

2. Headphones - A key to packing for any trip is making sure what you're bringing serves multiple purposes. Headphones not only let you hear whatever it is you're listening too without disturbing others, but they also act as makeshift earplugs if you have nothing to play through them. Whether it be for music, phone calls, or noise canceling, headphones are useful in many different circumstances during trips.
My advice: Bypass the expensive, fancy over-the-ear bad boys and skip out on any Bluetooth headphones. Bring the cheapo, chorded ear buds...you won't run your battery down and find yourself in desperate need for a charger and if you forget or lose them during your travels at least you're only out ten bucks and not 200.

3. Portable charger - Leading from #2, portable chargers can be real life savers. Maybe you just had to bring those wireless Beats with you and your phone died during the flight. Now you just need to have your phone to take your epic adventure pictures at your destination. These things are perfect, just throw one in your pocket or purse and you'll have an emergency power source when you find yourself away from outlets.
◇ My advice: Try to find travel-size chargers, the smaller the better. There are a million different portable chargers you can buy, but don't break the bank with these. Be conscious of your battery life and just be prepared. These should be seen as backups when in a bind, not go-to means of charging.

4. Sunglasses - While this definitely assists the fashionable traveler, bringing sunglasses with is also a multipurpose item. Obviously if you're going to the Caribbean or some other tropical place, having a pair of shades is a necessity, but they are actually handy to have at any time of the year in any location. If it's sunny, great. If it's snowy, block the brightness from the white snow. They are also a nice convenience when trying to get some rest. Maybe the person next to you on your flight is doing some late-night reading and you're too nice/shy to ask them to dim the light. Nothing like a pair of Ray Bans (or Walmart specials) to calm your sense of sight.
♧ My advice: Sunglasses make more sense than a sleep mask because of its ability to be dual-purpose. Sure it won't block out all of your vision, but you also can travel in style!

As I finish up this article, 30,000 feet above the Atlantic, I can shamefully say I have left my headphones back in my vehicle at the airport...
Guess I'll just have to..
Wing it.


  1. I would like to add that, ironically, I forgot my headphones in the car at the airport and forgot my sunglasses in the rental car in Iceland...typical!


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